Frequently Asked Questions about PEW Music Licensing:


Q: How do I get access to sheet music?

Here at PEW Music we make our music available in volumes as PDFs. Click on the download links on the Sheet Music page to get access to the sheet music. Once you have downloaded the PDF you can open it in a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Preview and print the PDF from there. Physical copies of the sheet music volumes are available by request for a small fee (postage, handling, and printing costs). Email us for more information.

Q: Where can I buy a copy of the music?

Most of our demos are for sale on iTunes (USA, AUS, UK, CAN) and Spotify.

Q: Where can I hear a demo of the music?

You can hear demos by streaming from iTunes, Spotify radio, and on YouTube on the RealPewMusic channel. There are direct links at our Demos page.

Q: Can I use your music on videos?

It depends on the situation. The short answer is yes, however the Non-Commercial vs. Commercial aspect of our licensing applies here. You must pay for a license through BMI if you plan to make money.

Q: Can I use your music on a video that will be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo?

You can use our music on your video provided that you understand that we will collect a licensing fee through our distributor from YouTube based on advertisement revenue. You must acknowledge the fact that we own the copyright to the content and give YouTube the ability to collect from advertisement revenue.

Q: How do I secure licensing permission from PEW Music?

Contact the performing rights organization BMI to gain licensing permission for PEW Music pieces.

Q: How much does licensing for commercial use cost?

It’s not very expensive in most cases. A price is generated based on purpose of use, size of audience, and frequency of use. Contact BMI for more information.