The Theology of Jazz Prayer – by Dr. Barbara A. Holmes

The theology of jazz is a blue note unsung

 It is the plea

To let there be

Some light, some dark, some love

It is the synchronicity of movements

Cause the walls do fall

And the poor do rise

And the theology of jazz reminds us

To breathe as we struggle

To remember the fallen

To rise on impossibilities

I wish it was otherwise

But it’s the only way

To break injustice once and for all


The theology of jazz is the theme song of

The big mama’s and other mothers

Who wouldn’t take nuthin for the journey now

And the poppas, and daddys who work

Extra shifts so that we can rise


The theology of jazz is a Story


It’s the remnants of all that is good

And all that is broken

And all that we don’t understand


I hope you know,

It’s all up to us

I know it can be confusing because

The translation is simultaneous

It’s a secret don’t tell anybody

The revolution will not be televised

It will be blown through a saxophone

Hear and be healed.

©Dr. Barbara A. Holmes

 United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

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